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A Freeform Sci-Fi Grand Strategy Game

Empyrean Dynasty is a game about the machina­tions of powerful organisations and noble houses as humanity leaves behind the ancient earth.

The game begins with the invention of instant interstellar travel and then records the strange, weird, and wondrous history of space-faring human civilisations from that point onwards.

Play 33,330 years of intergalactic history to find out who becomes the supreme ruler of the universe, played in turns representing ever-shortening periods of time, beginning at 10,000 years, and ending at 1 day (or 1 minute!).


  • Very simple rules that empower the referee and players to attempt any scheme, plan, or conspiracy imaginable!
  • Tables for generating and detailing intergalactic organisations and planets
  • Protocols and tables for solo play 
  • A fully automated HTML version of the tables in the PDF, making intergalactic organisation or planet generation instantaneous 
CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsfkr, freeform, grand-strategy, Sci-fi


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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there seemed to be tables missing Strengths and Weakness

Hello AlexanderXVI! Sorry if it was not made clearer in the text, but you can either take the strengths and weaknesses from the "organisation foci" table, or make your own up.

okay, thank you for prompt response and your answer. Please make more!! 

I will!

I am playing in a game of this now and it’s been incredible! Super dynamic game, really interesting stakes, intergalactic politics and maneuvering are very fun

Thanks Amanda! Glad you are having fun!