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The entire world is a corrupted magical city. Infinigrad.

The city has been afflicted with the “Curse of the Law” due to widespread and destructive conflict between guilds.

If a guild member commits a violent act against another guild, they will be annihilated by the curse. Their guild will face severe repercussions.

Guild Dogs, an under class not associated with any guild, take dangerous jobs to overcome the curse of the law.

They are considered infinitely expendable.

  • An extremely light-weight OSR d20 ruleset, or a highly customizable character class for a ruleset of your choice!  
  • Single page OSR d20 rules. Play quicker and better! 
  • Revolutionary XP free levelling up system! 
  • Evolutionary "Snails" encumbrance system! 
  • Breathtakingly bridges the gap between OSR  and the FKR - empowering referees and players alike! 
  • Astounding weapons! A system that provides actual mechanical differences between spears, daggers, axes, etc! 
  • 60 intriguing skills, that are impactful, game changing and mechanically a breeze! Players will literally never get bored! 
  • Keep the game rolling with the intuitive d10 universal economy system! Never look at a boring shopping list ever again! 
  • Sick of spell books?! Of course you are! Guild Dogs Epsilon introduces the amazing "Spell Laden Item" system! 

What are you waiting for?! Visit Infinigrad Today! 

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TagsCity Builder, d20, Dungeons & Dragons, fkr, guild-dogs, infinigrad, OSR, RPG Maker, shadowrun, Tabletop


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Super glad I accidentally stumbled into this game! Haven't read it yet, just downloaded the pdf, but I'm optimistically curious. Great synopsis!

I'm glad you stumbled on it too! Hope you enjoy playing it!